Computer Controlled Tape Cutting Machine YM-120HX

* Knife: Hot
* CUT LENGTH (mm): 15-99999
* MAX CUT WIDTH (mm): 55
* SPEED (Piece/min): 120
* POWER: 0.22KW
* Max. BLADE TEMP °C: 480°C



* By changing knife mold, you can cut tape in bevel/straight automatically.
belt slitting machine adopts electromechanical integrating technology, it automatically adjusts the length data through the input of computer program.
* Automatically cutting various straps of different sizes such as braided tape, Velcro tape, plastic tube, bootlace, plastic zipper, electrical wire, label, etc.
* All the data will be saved auto-matically before put off the switch. With features of high accuracy, high speed, easy to operate and stop working without materials.
* It’s an ideal machine for increasing of efficiency, improving quality and saving labour.


* Compensation:It can recover the differences caused by the material flesibility dissimilarity.
* Memory: It will save the current datas automatically before the machine is closed.
* Decimal point:special decimal point function,raised the accuacy of the product consumedly.
* Self-check:when a defect in the system,LD screen will display breakdown source automatically,in order to expel in the convenient check.
* Automatic power failure: 1 hour after machine stopped working, the main driving system will break power supply automatically to promise the service life of machine.
* Automatic pause: once the material uses up,will stop a current work automatically.


* Knife: Hot
* CUT LENGTH (mm): 15-99999
* MAX CUT WIDTH (mm): 55
* SPEED (Piece/min): 120
* WEIGHT (kg): 21.3/26
* VOLTAGE: AC 110V / 220V 50-60Hz
* POWER: 0.22KW
* Max. BLADE TEMP °C: 480°C
* PACKAGE SIZE (L.W.H) mm: 410*525*430

Payment & Delivery

* MOQ: 1 Unit
* Port: Shanghai
* Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, D/A, D/P, Western Union, MoneyGram, Paypal
* Packaging Material: Paper/Wood
* Packaging Type: Cartons
* Delivery: We’ll arrange delivery within 3 days on the receipt of payment.

We Provide

* Best products and factory price.
* On-time delivery and the shortest delivery time.
* 1-year warranty. If our products cannot function properly within 12 months, we’ll offer spare parts for free; and you need to pay for the delivery.
* OEM and customized service.
* User manuals will go with relative machines.


* QC: All products will be checked before delivery.
* Compensation: If any unqualified product is found, we’ll pay the compensation or send new qualified products to customers.
* Maintenance & Repair: In case of any maintenance or repair need, we’ll help to find out the problem and offer relative guidance.
* Operation Guidance: If you have any problem with operation, please feel free to contact us.


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