Electrical Can Sealing Machine YM-160C

* Production capacity: 25 / minute
* Range: diameter φ45-φ110(mm)
* height of coal tub 39-200(mm)
* Spindle speed: 620V/min 520V/min
* Motor: YB02-4 0.37KW (vertical)


One, introduction
This product is my factory economic type 160C electric sealing cans of machine, sealing is also applicable to the circular metal, glass, plastic, paper cans, the tank cover volume letter forming, to not water leakage, no burr, no fold requirements. Reliable quality, Operation simple and handy.
The main technical parameters:
* Production capacity: 25 / minute
* Range: diameter φ45-φ110(mm)
* height of coal tub 39-200(mm)
* Spindle speed: 620V/min 520V/min
* Motor: YB02-4 0.37KW (vertical)
* Weight equipment: 70kg
* machine Dimensions: length 600 × width 300 × height 830(mm)
* rough weight:84kg
* Wooden box dimensions: length 800 × width 350 × height 940(mm)
Two, the working process
Plug in the power, the power switch is turned on, machine normal operation, you can start work. Put the tank cover It covers the on the tank mouth, the tank is placed on the tray, step on the pedal switch, the machine starts to work, sealing finsh automatic stop. Take out seal pot continue to the last step; If you want to set the automatic continuous sealing, don’t switch control, put pull rod fastening ring ‘s screw loosen,
pull the lever to the left or right push away(when the machine drop, The pulling rod does not touch the travel switch), Then tighten screw.
1、Diameter is different,need to be equipped with corresponding
upper pressure head and a tray. The tray can be by hand directly take out. Using a wrench to upper pressure head Replacement Then tighten the. Adjust left and right sealing hob distance between, Reference ex-factory jar sealing hob distance between.
2、The sealing the same caliber highly different jar : need to match the corresponding screw stem.
3、Height, diameter were not the same jar : push 1, 2 steps were adjusted.
Three, use, maintenance:
1, before using the left and right hob press locking mouth pad,the
lifting work table to be wiped clean.
2, the rotating parts of lubricating oil filling.
3, the abnormal situation should immediately stop check,troubleshooting.
4, well connected ground wire!

Payment & Delivery

* MOQ: 1 Unit
* Port: Shanghai
* Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, D/A, D/P, Western Union, MoneyGram, Paypal
* Packaging Material: Paper/Wood
* Packaging Type: Cartons
* Delivery: We’ll arrange delivery within 3 days on the receipt of payment.

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