Mini Type Lead-free Soldering Tin XC-38D

* voltage: 220v
* power: 150w
* temperature: 200-450 degrees
* capacity: 300g
* melting speed: 3-8 min
* interior diameter: 38mm


Mini Type Lead-free Soldering Tin XC-38D


1. Adopt the titanium alloy lead-free solder bath and other heavy duty compents offer greater durability. Heat resistance, anti-corrosive, tin non-stick ,durable use ect.And quick temperature rise, long service life, economy of electric power and easy Operation.
2. Use of internal heating ensures the heating tube working without air oxidation, Thus to lengthen the service life of heating element.
3. Microcomputer chip intelligent control, Enable to have temperature sitting freely within a range of approxiamately 200-450°C.
4. Get across SGS testing,lead-free and environment friendly.
5. Apply to weld the small circuid board,especially suitabel for transfrom,coil,tinning on T pin of the wire.


 Model Voltage  Power  Temperature  Capacity  Melting speed interior diameter
 XC38D  220V  150W  200-450 oC  300g  3-8min  Φ38mm
 XC50D  220V  200W  200-450 oC  500g  3-8min  Φ50mm
 XC80D  220V  250W  200-450 oC  1600g  3-8min  Φ80mm
 XC100D  220V  380W  200-450 oC  2300g  3-8min  Φ100mm

Payment & Delivery

* MOQ: 1 Unit
* Port: Shanghai
* Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, D/A, D/P, Western Union, MoneyGram, Paypal
* Packaging Material: Paper/Wood
* Packaging Type: Cartons
* Delivery: We’ll arrange delivery within 3 days on the receipt of payment.

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