M112 Double Side Labeling Machine

* Labeling accuracy: ±0.5mm ( does not contain products, labels, error );
* Labeling speed:10~30 pieces / minute (the theoretical value with product, label size and operational level);
* Available dimensions: DIA 35 ≤ Diameter ≤ 90mm ;
* Apply the label dimensions:20 ≤ Width ≤ 150mm ,15mm ≤ Length;


Data Sheet

First, the Basic uses:
Cylindrical objects can be used for a variety of thoughtful, such as xylitol, cosmetic bottles, etc, with a full week / Half week labeling, circular label on the back features; it can be equipped with semiautomatic ribbons fight code machine, printing machine, label print production lot number information.

Second, the scope of:
* Apply labels: self-adhesive labels, self-adhesive films, barcode, barcode, etc;
* Applicable products: request on a circular surface, cones attached label products;
* Application field: widely used in food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, electronic, metal, plastics and other industries;
* Application examples: oral round bottle labeling, Xilin bottle labeling, labeling of xylitol, shampoo bottle labeling, small taper cosmetic labeling.

Third, technical parameters:
* Labeling accuracy: ±0.5mm ( does not contain products, labels, error );
* Labeling speed:10~30 pieces / minute (the theoretical value with product, label size and operational level);
* Available dimensions: DIA 35 ≤ Diameter ≤ 90mm ;
* Apply the label dimensions:20 ≤ Width ≤ 150mm ,15mm ≤ Length;
* Overall dimension: 750x450x450mm(l x w x h);
* Available power source: 220V 50/60HZ;
* Weight: 32Kg

Speed   20~40pcs/minutes
Diameter(Round bottle)  Φ15mm~φ160mm
Label size   Length:15mm~380mm; Width:10mm~180mm
ID Roll  Φ76 mm
Outside diameter roll  Φ250 mm
Dimensions(L*W*H)   920mm*420mm*500mm
Power supply  220V, 50/60Hz
Power  200W
Weight  35Kg

Equipment operating instructions

First part of solemn declaration
A. general matters
1. This labeling machine for the single stickers and double-sticker labels feature, you can manually switch. Specific reference to operations sections.
2. Labeling machine belonging to the non-standard equipment, its operation requires a certain amount of technical skill. Operation level, affects the efficient use of equipment.
3. Need to follow the instructions in the manual to operate the equipment, or carried out under the guidance of our technicians.
4. The technical manual is dedicated to the EP211 semi-automatic round bottle labeling machine (hereinafter referred to as labeler). Its purpose is to ensure that the professional use and adjustment of the equipment.

Second, the manufacturers permission
Company reserves the right to:
1. Body parts, electric components, as well as changes to software upgrades, also including parts of specifications and used the brand, to maintain the product’s advanced technology, but is not committed to deliver products free of change.
2. We have permission to device integrity protection, lack of factory technician under the direction of, not without permission to modify devices of mechanical or electrical parts, such as damage caused by violation of this provision by modifying party.
3. On the basis of this equipment, increase in ink-jet or other feature, we provide technical guidance on configuring, but don’t need to be responsible for supporting equipment.
4. Manual for this device and the operation of our company have intellectual property rights, such as copying, should bear the legal responsibility.

Third, security matters
1. Danger! Used to see to it that the ground to prevent electric shock.
2. Danger! Make sure the voltage is not overloaded.
3. Be alert! Electric box section, below the lines which need electrician to guide operational.
4. Be alert! Rotating parts requiring special attention to prevent pressure injury.

IV permission
• Ensure that only trained and those who have permission to operate, layout and maintenance of the equipment.
• Only allows qualified people, professionals, engineers and equipment to complete the layout.

Operate the machine need to ensure that:
–Security of individuals are capable of independent operation operation;
–Individual to your own fixing smaller errors that occur during the operation;
–Requires at least two people in the equipment used to guide;

Five, operating environment
Do not use in the following environments:
• Temperature changing competitive local
• Where high humidity and dew
• Places very strong vibrations or shocks
• Dust more places
• There is where the splash of water, oil, chemicals
• Where there are explosive, inflammable dangerous goods

Six, Break-in period
The labeler is within standard products, and have technical requirements for operators, you need to have a break-in period for a week or so. Run-in period, operation of equipment, technical parameters are reached, need to industry in a timely manner to reflect, to obtain technical support. Issues are essentially in the adjustment process can obtain information from this manual.

Payment & Delivery

* MOQ: 1 Unit
* Port: Shanghai
* Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, D/A, D/P, Western Union, MoneyGram, Paypal
* Packaging Material: Paper/Wood
* Packaging Type: Cartons
* Delivery: We’ll arrange delivery within 3 days on the receipt of payment.

We Provide

* Best products and factory price.
* On-time delivery and the shortest delivery time.
* 1-year warranty. If our products cannot function properly within 12 months, we’ll offer spare parts for free; and you need to pay for the delivery.
* OEM and customized service.
* User manuals will go with relative machines.


* QC: All products will be checked before delivery.
* Compensation: If any unqualified product is found, we’ll pay the compensation or send new qualified products to customers.
* Maintenance & Repair: In case of any maintenance or repair need, we’ll help to find out the problem and offer relative guidance.
* Operation Guidance: If you have any problem with operation, please feel free to contact us.